We are a small company specialising in providing timber engineered design packages across the UK for various manufacturers, self builders, main contractors and clients who need timber frame and timber engineered manufacture and site production drawings.

Because we use the latest Autocad, Consultec and Mitek design software we are able to easily interact with Architects , structural engineers and manufacturers for presentation of information with the ability to overlay much information from each trade. This helps by giving the opportunity for those people in the design, engineering and production process to cross check our design information and make sure we avoid many conflicts in design aspects, structural requirements and site installation trades before they go to far down the line.

Our experience in the manufacturing sector helps us design multi storey developments and many of these large and complex structures will be designed with disproportionate collapse criteria as part of our engineering and design package. We also design small extensions to one off bespoke residential builds and also multi plot housing sites so our portfolio is very diverse in size, complexity and variation of structures we get involved in designing on a daily basis. We also have also designed hotel accommodation, nursing care homes, eco houses, residential flat developments and other out door various use buildings.
Part of our comprehensive involvement in design is liaising with all other external parties in the construction process such as Architects, engineers, manufacturers, erectors and main contractors to ensure our remit of structural timber engineering meets their expectations and is delivered on schedule and with in budget.


Timber Frame

We can provide fully detailed timber frame design drawings which cover all elements of the kit build from soleplates to roof trusses. We produce detailed layout drawings for each lift of the structure and timber frame walls, floor and roof elements.

We will produce manufacture detailing information to be able to cut fabricate and erect the kit components. We can provide the latest electronic saw manufacture files for optimiser saws and framing stations these accompany our panel fabrication information for the shop floor.

Timber engineering / I beams / Roof trusses and metal web floors

We are skilled in designing Glulam structures and bolted feature timber work for more elaborate structures and can provide broken down individual component drawings with full post / beam connection details and any housing / cutting detailing for any engineered timber work.

We are able to produce fully detailed roof truss and metal web floor designs and manufacture information using the latest Gangnail software for our clients that are actively producing Gangnail engineered roof and floor components.

Hybrid and Sips / CLT

We have experience in designing hybrid structures which combine a multiple use of engineered timber solutions and can produce closed panel manufacturing information and junction details together with structure setting out plans for hybrid type structures.

We can produce sip panel work detailing and manufacture information for manufacturers and using our latest cad software are able to produce 3 dimensional presentation drawings when required. CLT use is becoming more common and again we are able to produce the required design detailing and drawings for the fabrication and erection of these components.

We have a vast scope of services to offer all individuals and will always tailor our design and engineering involvement to suit your budget and technical requirements on every project.

Please contact us to discuss any timber engineering scheme you are considering or feel we might be of assistance on and we will be happy to advise you and look through any prospective initial designs you have to be timber engineered and designed.

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