Hybrid and Sips / CLT

We have experience in designing hybrid structures which combine a multiple use of engineered timber solutions and can produce closed panel manufacturing information and junction details together with structure setting out plans for hybrid type structures.

We can produce sip panel work detailing and manufacture information for manufacturers and using our latest cad software are able to produce 3 dimensional presentation drawings when required. CLT use is becoming more common and again we are able to produce the required design detailing and drawings for the fabrication and erection of these components.


With extensive experience in the design of modern methods of construction we can offer the facility to design and detail timber engineered buildings from the foundation to the roof apex encompassing all the structural elements in the structure enabling other trades to interact with our super structure itself, allowing for services and third party trades ease of access which traditional methods can cause problems on site.

  • Full component setting out plans.
  • Tailored production information / details.
  • Key area component detailing.
  • Full manufacture information drawings.
  • CAD files and full PDF document issue of information.

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