Timber engineering / I beams / Roof trusses and metal web floors

We are skilled in designing Glulam structures and bolted feature timber work for more elaborate structures and can provide broken down individual component drawings with full post / beam connection details and any housing / cutting detailing for any engineered timber work.

We are able to produce fully detailed roof truss and metal web floor designs and manufacture information using the latest Gangnail software for our clients that are actively producing Gangnail engineered roof and floor components.


We are able to produce detailed I Joist floor details and layouts together with manufacturing / cutting information.

  • Full engineered timber component setting out plans.
  • Full individual component detailing drawings.
  • Cross sectional drawings setting up structure and components.
  • Key area building details of component fixings etc.
  • Full schedules of components for structure.
  • Floor joist plating and cutting information.
  • Roof truss plating and cutting information.
  • CAD files and full PDF document issue of information.

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