Timber Frame

We can provide fully detailed timber frame design drawings which cover all elements of the kit build from soleplates to roof trusses. We produce detailed layout drawings for each lift of the structure and timber frame walls, floor and roof elements.

We will produce manufacture detailing information to be able to cut fabricate and erect the kit components. We can provide the latest electronic saw manufacture files for optimiser saws and framing stations these accompany our panel fabrication information for the shop floor.

 We will provide fully detailed layout information enabling the site erector to build the kit and this will provide all the structural information to satisfy the building control. All our designs will have key element design details that don’t fall in the usual timber frame kit build standard practice and our sectional drawings will gauge the brick coursing and storey heights to suit any planning restriction issues. All our designs will encompass any steel metal work information and fabrication detailing that is required by the kit structural design as part of the timber frame remit.

  • Soleplate layout / pre-cut layout and cut lists.
  • Each lift detailed panel layouts and general arrangement plans all on one drawing.
  • Head binder layouts ( Pre-cut if required ).
  • Detailed floor joist layouts and cutting. ( Metal web / I joists as required ).
  • Gable / spandrel roof panel details and layouts.
  • Roof truss layouts and full structural roof detailing where required.
  • Sectional building set up drawings and structural component setting out information.
  • Fully detailed steelwork drawings for timber frame engineering elements only.
  • Floor and roof cassette detailed layouts and component cutting.
  • Key area timber frame detailing and building detail method.
  • Component scheduling ( where required ).
  • CAD files and full PDF document issue of information.

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